About Us

Health Care in the UK has had a turbulent time, none more so than in the last 5 years. To ensure a stronger and robust delivery of Healthcare in the United Kingdom the industry has had to take on various reforms. Both the NHS and private providers have been required to ensure an increase in the quality of care with ever more stringent budgets. As an effect, this causes distributors, resellers, business consultants and all levels of suppliers to address their business model in order to meet growth demands in a constricting market.

As the Willdoo business model has been forged from this period of reformation it is better placed to realise the required efficiencies for ensuring cost improvements, without degradation in quality.

Willdoo operate an Anti-Slavery Policy. You can read more about the policy here.

Willdoo was created to highlight value and quality efficiencies across the Healthcare market.

With 30 years of business development experience, 16 of which have been in healthcare, Willdoo’s
resources have a wide range of contacts and experience across the United Kingdom and Ireland within the public, private delivery, and private supplier base.

Company number: 10364629

Vat Reg number: 253 563502

EORI number: GB253 56350 2000