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Sourcing and Distribution

Shining a light on direct procurement

Here at Willdoo, we will help bring you and your suppliers closer together to create a mutually beneficial partnership. You can rely on us to not only find you the right products at the right price, but the right supplier too. We'll help you simplify the supply chain and get you speaking directly to the people who produce the products you need.

Willdoo will align our solutions to your targets and support you in meeting them.

Improved supply chain outcomes.

Support of CIP targets.

Direct-to-manufacturing purchasing route.

Advantageous relationships via facilitation.

"Moving care into your own hands"

You and your suppliers

In “The procurement of consumables by NHS acute and Foundation trusts” published by the national audit office it states that up to £500 million (representative of 10%) a year could be saved by making centralised purchasing with a standardised pricing function (this figure insinuates that the NHS currently spend £5 billion per annum on consumables).

Willdoo will work with Trusts nationwide to discover the high volume, high annual spend consumables and look to source these products globally.

As well as facilitating the relationship between you and your suppliers, we import a large range of quality, CE marked critical care products ourselves. We continue to build and expand excellent
international supplier relationships that deliver quantitive and qualitative advantages.

Our product range has been carefully selected by experienced UK Biomedical Engineers and we've vetted them ourselves for the best combination of value and lifetime cost. Take a look at our medical supplies page and see for yourself.